Jake Gealer

Hi! My name is Jake Gealer and I am a passionate developer from the UK who has experience with full stack development.


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This is my experience when it comes to work. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me:

DigitalOcean (2019-present)

My job is to code for the DigitalOcean Community. DigitalOcean is a large cloud provider that powers businesses such as Slack and GitLab. An example of a set of tools I maintain at DigitalOcean is their community DNS tools. These tools are written using the Vue web framework and Cloudflare's DNS-over-HTTPS API.

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These are the places where I have been educated and the qualifications I have got while I was there. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me:

Nailsea School

I started at Nailsea School in 2013 and graduated in 2018:

Business and Enterprise: M1

Science in the Workplace: P2

History: 3

Maths: 4

English Language: 5

English Literature: 5

Computer Science: 5

Media Studies: C

City of Bristol College

I started at City of Bristol College in 2018:

L3 Computer Science - BTEC: Distinction* (D*)

Extracurricular Activities

I've done several extracurricular activities:

Photoshop Club: In Nailsea School, there used to be a photoshop club which I would regularly attend in the school.

Media Ambassadors: In Nailsea School, I was a part of the media Ambassadors team. This means we used to setup equipment for our school and the local community normally out of school hours.

NS Live: In Nailsea School, I used to help run the radio station. This would involve spending most lunches helping with the technical aspects.


Here are some projects which I have had a part in. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me:


Auttaja is a moderation bot for the Discord messaging platform. I have been a member of the Auttaja development team since the 29th January 2018. In that time, I have worked on 2 major releases that have made the bot a major success. Due to our teamwork, the bot is in over 60,000 servers.

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MagicCap is a image/GIF/clipboard capture and file upload suite for macOS and Linux. MagicCap was created by me in mid 2018 due to the lack of good capture software on both platforms (whereas Windows has ShareX). During my time owning MagicCap, I have reviewed a lot of large changes, set up a CI so that the application can easily be built, and became extremely proficient in the Electron framework.

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ParseThoseArgs is a argument parser written in C/Python. It is intended to be an extremely fast argument parser for Python. Even though it is not a large project, it helps to accelerate Python chatbots due to the interpreted nature of Python.

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